Phoenix Longboard

After 10 years of use, I was getting ready to replace my longboard. I spent some time researching options, but nothing stood out at me. Either the hardware was lower quality or the board wasn't attractive, and often a combination of both. I toyed with the idea of laminating my own board, but realized with time and cost considered for a one-off board, my beat-up Sector 9 deck was going to be the perfect canvas.

Using the existing concavity of the deck and the truck spacing, I played with contours sketched directly onto the surface. Once I settled on a form, I sanded and stained the board darker. Then I shaped a steel plate and embedded it into the tail. In order to re-apply the grip without hiding the beautiful grain, I crushed old Coke bottle fragments and embedded it into the polyurethane. All hardware was replaced with stainless steel equivalents.

I spent the same amount as some of the built boards I was previously considering, but instead I got exactly what I wanted.